Education imparted by heart can bring revolution in the society
Education is something which gives people the baseline skill to survive as adults in the world. To penetrate the same skill we at Mother Athena School lay foundation for any activity keeping this same objective in mind. Quite often we confuse education with great academic record and we tend to believe that we are doing fairly well for ourselves, if we are excelling only in the field of academics, but what we need to understand is that development of life skills are equally important as they help us to not just live good life but become better person as well.

It is rightly said that a good reader becomes an independent leader and thinker, capable of critical thinking and taking his own decisions in life in a rational way. If inculcated at school level the reading habit will create a lifelong advantage for the students and help him/her to do well academically. Hence it is recommended that reading skills should be fostered in children to make them better orators, autonomous learners as well as critical and creative thinkers. With the same aim this magazine is designed and includes scripts in 4 languages – English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu.

Wishing all the readers and my dear students bright future and a great year ahead.
Ms. Chayanica Saraswat
(Director of M.A.S.)

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